Welcome to CrossFit Gunnison!

CrossFit Gunnison is the first and only CrossFit affiliate in Gunnison Colorado. When you walk in, you will notice it is not like other gyms.  There are no machines–there is empty space. There is no routine here. Our workouts change every day. So each day you will be faced with the unexpected. This promotes spontaneity and never allows for boredom. Our workouts involve body weight movements (squats, push-ups, pull-ups) and elements of power lifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and running. The workouts are challenging and difficult but they are also fun and scalable to all ages and abilities.

Our workouts are done in a class form, meaning that you always receive personalized coaching during your workout but get the energy and community of working in a group.

Check out our Blog for up to date information and see what is happening at CrossFit Gunnison! 

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Located at:

808 Rio Grande Ave.

Gunnison, CO. 81230