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Happy New Year!

We will have class tomorrow at 10:00.  It is a “Pick Your Own Hero/Girl Day”, so you chose which workout you will do.  Suggestions are always given, of course!

A few photos from the past few weeks/days.

So inspiring....

So inspiring….

Kristing working smart.

Kristing working smart.

Coach Bodie monitoring the 6am class.

Coach Bodie monitoring the 6am class.

Laura crushing it in her usual style!

Laura crushing it in her usual style!


Pool wod from Liz's Bday.  If you haven't done the pool wod, you should check it out!

Pool wod from Liz’s Bday. If you haven’t done the pool wod, you should check it out!



Nutrition Challenge starts today!


Whoo Hoo!

The start of a much needed nutrition challenge is today!  6 weeks, ends December 12th.  This is a Zone challenge, you can do Paleo Zone if you want.  Pick a partner to be accountable to, or join the FB group CFG Nutrition Challenge and post your required updates.

Any questions, just ask!

And photos of one of our amazing, inspiring athletes….  Third trimester and rocking wods!

Kirstin 2


Kirstin 1


Redcloud climb

The Redcloud climb is this Sunday.  Who is in?  More info:


#100 Anywhere: Kickoff at 14,000 Feet

1 soccer ball + 2 guys + 1 mountain = #100 Anywhere Challenge

Global meets Local


Roberto Milk CEO/Co-Founder of NOVICA is formally kicking-off the #100 Anywhere Challenge atop Redcloud Peak, Colorado on Sunday, September 20, 2015.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere who can juggle a soccer ball 100 times can undertake the

#100 Anywhere Challenge.  Milk first issued the challenge through a Facebook Video after successfully juggling the ball on the beach at Buzios and atop Pedra Bonita in Brazil.

Paul Hower a native of Colorado, a longtime friend of Milk’s, and an avid hiker saw the videos and challenged him to undertake it at 14,000 feet for charity.  Knowing it would benefit someone else was all it took to persuade the mission-driven Milk. He immediately saw this opportunity not only as a way to build a soccer field in West Africa but as a way to benefit the local community by bringing the Adaptive Sports Center, Crested Butte on board.

Word of this unique blend of Global and Local causes spread at viral speed and Milk quickly realized that Colorado was the start of a global movement. He knew that the West African soccer field was just the beginning and that the #100 Anywhere Challenge would lead to many soccer fields being built around the world.

At daybreak on Sunday, Milk and Hower will set-out from base camp at Redcloud Peak accompanied by staff from the Adaptive Sports Center, CrossFit Gunnison, members of local youth soccer clubs, and an array of other back-country enthusiasts. The hike will take 4-6 hours and culminate on the peak with the challenge.

The challenge will see Milk on the mountain peak juggle the soccer ball 100 times at an elevation of 14,000 feet.  He will then sign the ball and kick it into the mountain wilderness.  The ball is equipped with a tracking device and will be recovered by the Western State Mountain Search and Rescue Team. Everyone who subsequently completes the #100 Anywhere Challenge and posts a video of their accomplishment will have their name added to the ball.  This commemorative ball will be the first game ball on the new field in Africa.

Milk and Hower are actively looking for a corporate sponsor for the #100 Anywhere Challenge.

It is anticipated that the sponsor will contribute $100 for each and every #100 Anywhere Challenge that is completed, filmed and posted online.

For the kickstarter site click here.