Building Strength and Health through Work and Play.

May Fun

Ready for an awesome week of lifting, plus some other fun stuff too!  Look forward to seeing you all this week working on strength and getting leaner, meaner (in a good way) and stronger.  ”Stronger people are harder to kill.”  That’s a quote from the quirky Mark Rippetoe, lifting coach extraordinaire.

The bars were hung by the jumpropes with care.....

The bars were hung by the jumpropes with care…..

Skill Day

Working cleans today!




  • Hang Power Clean
  • Hang Squat Clean

Then 5×2 Jerks  (from ground, so clean, jerk, jerk)

Ex Credit: 3 rounds of

  • 1 min RKB
  • 1 min Plank








Hylete Deal

For those who don’t know about our deal with Hylete, or just forgot:

CrossFit Gunnison is excited to announce we are Powered by HYLETE, and as a part of being “Powered by HYLETE”, everyone is invited to receive 20% off for life at Go to to activate your 20% off account. Use promo code “CFGunnison25″ for an additional 25% off your first order.

If you want to order a Hoodie, you can get it to me and I will get our logo put on the back.  Several of us have them, so you can try them on for size.