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Getting Ready for the Move!

CrossFit Gunnison will be moving, and we are excited!  We will be in our current space on Tomichi through March, but will be in the new space as of April 1st.  The new space is at 808 Rio Grande, it is bigger than our current space and it has overhead garage doors to let in the fresh air and sunshine.  Whoo hoo!

Keep coming to the current space this month, and if you are available to help move on April 1 and 2, we will be looking for all the help we can get.

And don’t forget to come do the Open workouts with us Friday night, or just come to cheer on the others.


Holiday Fun

We had a fun Filthy 50 group on Thanksgiving, putting in some work to earn their pie!


We are looking forward to a busy holiday season!  This is the time of year that it is easy to go off the wagon with exercise, with so many treats, parties, and excuses not to exercise.  All the more reason to get it done!  You know you will indulge in some holiday foods and beverages, don’t drop the exercise at the same time!

The best place to  watch what’s up at the gym is the Facebook page.  Check us out there for latest news and updates.

12 Days of Christmas workout will be coming up, and then the craziness of the New Year.  Get a jump on your fitness and get your glutes to the gym!

Holy Moly, Summer is flying by!

It’s almost August!  What??  It has been flying by!

We have had a lot of great stuff going on at the gym.  We have been working on our new lifting cycle from Molly O’Rourke, we have been working on cleans and snatches, we have been doing our summer running, and we have a new toy to play with!

new toy!

And pretty soon we will have another CrossFit baby!  Can’t wait to meet baby Bruton!

We have some fun things planned for August, so get ready for some hard work, extra challenges, and fun stuff.